Sigma Bulgaria Ltd. - Pumps and pumping equipments
Nov 24, 2016


SIGMA BULGARIA Ltd. is established in 1996.

The main activity of the company is import, supply, whole and retail sale of pumps and pump equipment for all kinds of fluids and applications. SIGMA BULGARIA Ltd.’s main suppliers are European producers with proved experience and good quality. SIGMA BULGARIA Ltd  is the only Bulgarian company with exclusive distribution rights for the Czech factories SIGMA since 1996.

SIGMA BULGARIA Ltd. has considerable experience in projecting and realizing of installations, guarantee and after-sale service and  subscription for maintenance.

SIGMA BULGARIA Ltd. offers  to its customers goods and services with very high quality and competitive prices thus strengthening its position as a respected competitor on the Bulgarian market.

SIGMA BULGARIA Ltd. is preparing, making installations, doing service and maintenance works, thus ensuring complete service for the customers.

SIGMA BULGARIA Ltd. has head office, service workshop and warehouse in city Ruse. Its stuff is of young and ambitious, high-qualified specialists, who are strictly pursuing the main aim of the company – meeting the needs of the customers on time, offering high quality services and loyalty towards suppliers, partners and competitors.

The biggest partners of SIGMA BULGARIA Ltd. are: RISK Engineering AD, Mining company AD.  The biggest customers are: Nuclear Power Station, Power Stations around Bulgaria, Solvay Sodi, Deven AD and many others.


Sigma Bulgaria Ltd. is official importer of:

  • Liquid transportation pumps (pure and polluted waters, foodstuffs, acids, alkalis and others);
  • Widespread use pumps (hot water circulation pumps /NTV, NTR/, sumbersible water pumps with common use);
  • Pumps and equipment for clear station;
  • Pumps for Bitumen and asphalt;
  • Metering pumps and pumps for chemical active fluids;
  • Drainage sumbersible pumps and pumps station;
  • Sewerage pumps and systems with cutting system;
  • Systems for domestic water off;
  • Submersible electric motors for drainage;
  • Storehouse presence of above-mentioned pumps;
  • Spare parts for all types of circulation and sumbersible pumps;
  • Guarantee and post guarantee service;
  • High- and Low-voltage motors.

Official importer of Czechs factorys SIGMA-Lutin, SIGMA-Hranice and Germans factory JUNG Pumpen, WATEK - Czech Republic, FRANKLIN Electric Motors - USA, ISH&MSA Cerpadla - Czech republic, SLOVPUMP TRADE - Slovak republic.
IMP Pumps - Slovenia
Croatia Pumpe Nova - Croatia
EMIT S.A. - Poland

Franklin ElectricPompпомпи серия ECL





Bulgaria, Ruse 7012,
72, Borisova Str.
Phone:+359 82/ 823107
Fax:+359 82/ 823107
Mobile:+359 88/ 8706650, 7716762
Dipl. Eng. Kamen Savov - Manager
Slavomira Savova - Manager