АО "INTERSKOL" - Leader of the Russian power tools market
Nov 24, 2016

The company INTERSKOL, leader of the Russian power tools market, is among the top ten tool producers in the world. The company has been presenting in the market for more than 25 years and more than 15 consecutive years the "INTERSKOL" products continue to remain the most popular and purchased in Russia. At the present moment only in Russia more than 40 mln INTERSKOL products have been sold out. 

This success in the market, however, is not for luck but is the result of hard working. INTERSKOL’s success is rooted in the competitive advantages that the company has. INTERSKOL is one of the fastest-growing, high-tech companies in Russia. Being the top Russian brand, the company has accumulated vast experience in the R&D of power tools as well as excellent knowledge of customer needs. The company pursues reasonable pricing policy and is always busy to increase its products line. INTERSKOL has the most developed network of service centers in Russia and the lowest rate of warranty returns. Thanks to these advantages the company has been able to successfully compete with the world’s leading brands in Russian market. The Design and the Pilot Production Departments are constantly creating and testing the new models of power tools as well as garden and minor construction equipment.


Historically, INTERSKOL was the first Russian manufacturer to export products to Western European countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Greece as well as Israel and Canada. Today INTERSKOL cooperates with leading international companies from Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, South Korea and China. Moreover, INTERSKOL is the one only Russian power tools manufacturer who obtained official international recognition. Since 2009 the company has been the member of the European Power Tool Association ( EPTA), which joins 14 largest and most reputable European power tools manufacturers that are recognized as the world leaders in the tool-making industry. Millions of professional and DIY end users have trust in INTERSKOL products being effective, reliable, secure and comfortable in its daily applications.

Guarantee of quality

Today, INTERSKOL production units are located in Russia and China. In 2014 INTERSKOL has launched a modern production facility with high degree of automation in Alabuga, Special Economic Zone, 1000 km south-east from Moscow. This factory is equipped with machines that operate with minimal human intervention. Many production processes (including assembly) are robotized what ensures high effectiveness and high product quality. The actual capacity of the INTERSKOL- Alabuga factory is 1,5 mln units per year. At the end of the 3-rd construction stage the production capacity will be up to 5 mln units per year. It is useful to highlight in this regard that INTERSKOL product prices have the optimal price/quality ratio thanks to advanced energy-saving technologies, localization of the production, large use of domectic made spare parts, tax benefits, advanced Lean- manufacturing and other factors.


This production volume will allow to satisfy up to 40% of the existing demand for the most popular groups of high-quality professional power tools, in particular drills, drill/drivers, rotary hammers, angle grinders and cordless equipment. In addition, the product range of INTERSKOL-Alabuga will include garden and minor construction equipment (snowthrowers, welding machines, air compressors, power generators etc.).

Today INTERSKOL owns several hundreds of patents for different kinds of power tools. Thus, the company aims to remain the leader of the tool-making industry not only by the number of products sold, but also in terms of the introduction of advanced technologies and creation of new and innovative models.




29 Leningradskaya street, Khimki, 141400, Moscow region, Russian Federation

+7 (495) 665-76-31 ext. 1149 - Export Department